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At MC Linked, being one of the largest exporters of food, we can source and export most Australian made food and beverages in the categories of Everyday Dry Groceries, Healthy Living, Chilled and Frozen.
We have strong relationships with many brand owners, meaning that we have access to key insights and market trends. With advance notice of new lines and promotions, these relationships give us the opportunity to be one step ahead and also mean we have extensive knowledge on these brands.
MC Linked is proud to be associated with some of the most prestigious brands in Australian FMGC sector.


It’s as simple as you placing an order via Air or Sea (FCL / LCL) and we do the rest.

Our end goal is to provide our customers with a one stop supply model; you can order one or any combination of products, we will then consolidate it into one delivery to your nominated port.

We have our very own dedicated team located in “state of the art” purpose-built consolidation facilities to ensure that everything is thoroughly checked so it arrives in the best possible condition. Product Quality, Expiry Dates, Packaging etc for each order is always thoroughly analysed.

Our facilities are both AQIS Registered.   

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The facility offers 400 pallet storage capacity for ambient products. This facility is also temperature controlled meaning our dry product chamber is at a constant + 18C, hence products such as Chips, Biscuits and Confectionery are not subject to the summer heat or winter lows.


The facility offers 3500 pallet storage capacity for Chilled and Frozen products. It has been designed, built and equipped to provide the best possible environment for your products including 24/7 online monitoring of temperature in all chambers. We are certified to accept all food and beverage products ranging from your Meat, Poultry, Fruit and Dairy through to your everyday food found at your local supermarket in the chilled and frozen aisles.



We provide professional label translations print facilities and can translate English Ingredients and Nutrition Information Panel into languages such as Arabic and many other.  Our specialist team can apply any label to each individual item across all categories (Ambient, Chilled, Frozen) ensuring products are ready for their intended destination. We also ensure that the labelling is crisp and easy to read in all languages. As part of our value-added service offering we can even scan your orders to ensure the ingredients comply with your local import or retail regulations.

Our warehouses has the ability to inkjet Manufacturing Date and Best Before Date on every product, carton, sleeve and box as required.

Our labelling and inkjet services can be tailored to meet the requirements of each client.


We work with multiple Freight Forwarders / Shipping Lines to find the best rates for each Route / Destination.
If you are unsure of the exact Import Documentation you may need, then MC Linked can help. We provide a range of documentation services to ensure products / orders reach their destination without any legal issues. Common certification that we issue are Certificate of Origin, Health Certificates and M418 Certificates etc.



Unit 18, 26 Park Road, Mulgrave, NSW 2756

+61 2 4505 0460

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